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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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said to be going too fast and lost control. officers say the driver was unable to safely turn on the onramp and as a result she drove through the fence and into the pond. emergency crews called in the sheriffs dive team to help with the search and rescue and shortly after they recovered the driver of the body. >> they were able to advice us there's nobody else in the vehicle. however we're still going to search the area to make sure nobody got ejected. so they're going into the water to search the water around the vehicle to make sure we don't have any other occupants. >> crews have pulled the vehicle from the pond but it's uncertain when this area will be cleared. the entrance to the onramp to 85 south here is closed. live in san jose, hillin -- lillian kim. >> a san francisco woman is badly burned, her family says by her boyfriend. he attack happened a few hours
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ago at hollister street. reporter: police have basically been handling two crime scenes. witnesses tell us a man set a woman on fire down the street here on hollister, a half a block. she then started running towards her home. that is a half block down the street over there, where all the police cars are right now. that's where emergency crews picked her up and rushed her to the hospital. >> a smoldering sweater in the middle of the street. that's what 25-year-old star lamarr was wearing when her family sis her boyfriend, dexter oliver, doused he with gasoline and then lit her on fire. >> most of already face is burnt and a little here, but most of the face i burnt. >> her sister says this started with an argument over clothes they war washing at the local laundromat. >> my sister went to leave her clothe test laundromat.
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he don't want to leave them there. she says she does it all the time. but he got mad and threw the clothes down. >> witnesses who called 9-1-1 said they heard commotion in the street, then heard the victim on fire. they agreed to talk to us on the condition we not release they're identities because they're concerned for their safe. >> she took off her shirt, dropped it over there, and then she was running. and then the guy had burned her, took her purse and then went off that way. >> she was running, and she was just screaming because that's where we heard -- i was like, oh, my gosh. >> as part of the investigation, police are collecting images from video cameras in the neighborhood. the victim's family says she is in critical condition at st. francis hospital. they expect her to recover from this attack. >> the victim's family also tells me that she is the mother of three. she has been dating that suspect
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now for six months. so not for all that very long. police have not released many details on the suspect. reporting live, sergio quintana. >> ama: san jose police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year when man's body was found in his front yard. police say the victim is an hispanic man in his 30s. they say he had family who lived in the house. >> it appears that the victim was -- resided at the residence. we have some indication that he might be a family member of the person or some relation of a family nature to the residents here that called it in. >> ama: investigators spent the day canvassing the area, gathering witnesses and speaking with witnesses. >> in san jose police say their preliminary investigations say alcohol or drugs were not a factor in an accident that took
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a life. it happened under the 280 overpass. the silver bmw swerved, hit two light poles and rolled over. an officer heard the crash but when he arrived the driver was already dead. police say it will be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the crash. >> tried to get a speed on the car. try to recreate how the accident happened the best we can, but with no witnesses, it's very difficult. >> police are asking anyone who may have information about the crash to give them a call. the nhl is planning on scheduling a shortened season after a labor agreement was reached between the players and the league. the base yuck framework has been agreed upon after a 16-hour negotiating session. the deal still needs to be ratified by owners and players. the players have been locked out for 113 days after the two sides were unable to reach a collective bargaining agreement. more than 62000 games have been cancelled to date.
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at this time the nhl has models for a 50 or 48 game season. the a agreement could bring fans back, adding up to gameday dollars for local businesses like restaurants, bars, and parks lots. ahead in sports we'll hear from the nhl commissioner. >> the days of free parking on sunday ended at meters across san francisco today. drivers parked for free at meters on sunday us along most city streets until now. city officials say they're not doing this to bolster san francisco's coffers. they save it's to free up valuable parking spots for shoppers. many churches feel worshipers will stop coming to services. >> affects people who come here to the service. i'm not going to get my volunteers to stay. it runs through 12:30. people are going to leave because the $75 parking ticket for a half hour of education is not worth it to them.
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>> meters will be enforced from noon to 6:00 p.m. on sundays. the parking limit is four hours. the city won't issue tickets in january. drivers will get a warning to spread the word. >> a 16-year-old girl injured in a shooting in a high school near millbrae is in critical condition chev was shot in the stomach and leg in front of a home just across the treat from capuccino high school. police didn't say what led up to the shooting. the search continues for suspects. sonoma county sheriff's deputies are looking for a hitchhiker who they say stabbed a driver who gave him a ride. the driver had a child in his car when he picked up the hitchhiker near the brewery last night. investigators are not sure why by say the hitchhiker stabbed the driver twice before the driver was able get to him out of the car. the suspect is known locally but only by a nickname which they are not releasing.
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the connecticut school tragedy is bringing families together here in the bay areament up next, the message of support straight from the heart. a look at how some local children are reaching out to those at sandy hook elementary. bragging on facebook lands one teenager in trouble with the law. the posting he wishes he never made. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. the kids are back in school this upcoming week after the holiday break. will we see any rain? and what about the temper
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>> children and their parents gathered in san francisco making
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valentine cards and held a silent auction to raise funds for newtown. >> i told my daughter, who is six years old, that we're coming together as a community. something did something very dad at a school and hurt the kids so we're making an event where everybody can -- >> ama: newtown was originally asking for snow flakes as a show of support but officials say they received enough slowflakes to cover the entire state. so today these children created one large valentine to send to newtown. >> the iconic building that once housed san francisco's exploratorium is looking for a new tenant. the building went for $490,000 a year. it was originally built for the 1915 panama pacific exposition and made to look like an ancient ruin. now that the exploratorium is moving to a new building, its old home is vacant. the recreation and park
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department wants to keep the existing theater at the palace of fine arts and could take a year or two to find a suit tenant. >> playoff fever hits san francisco, and tomorrow playoff tickers go on sale. the niners host the green bay packers on saturday at 5:00 p.m. the number of seats is limited so fans are encouraged to visit the ticket stange. it's possible more tickets could become available later, only available ticket haven'ter. >> what a teenager is saying about a facebook post that led to his arrest. >> taking a peek outside, we had a mixed bag of sun and clouds. leigh glaser will let us know if the rain will return during
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>> ama: chaos erupted in louisiana after a flash mob turned violent. this cell phone video shows what happened after 200 teens met up in the food court at the mall in baton rouge. the heard about the flash mob via social media. people panicked, ran through the mall, fights broke out. frantic parents rushed to the mall looking for their children. >> ben out here walking the grounds for 30 minutes now. cannot find her. i've been asking people and nobody has seen her. >> the local sheriff reports nobody was seriously hurt dug the melee. detectives want to find the troublemakers who could face charges. >> a teenager in oregon faces charges after he posted to his
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650 facebook friends he had been driving drunk and ran into several cars. he says it was all a joke. this is the post that got brown in trouble. more than one of his friend on facebook took the post serious enough to message it to police. cox-brown says it was icy conditions that caused him to slide into the cars. >> i shouldn't have posted what i said on this. i regret it. like i said, 0 got blown way out of [bleep] proportion, but i don't know. >> ama: police say cox-brown was charged with hit-and-run but say by the time they caught up with him there was no way to find enoughed to charge him with dui. >> time to get a check on the weather. >> leigh: hi there, everyone. some nice clearing this afternoon, with the low tracked to the southern california, this is a live look now from the high def -- definition over the east bay. you can see a few of the
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fair-weather clouds overhead, and with the clearing that's going to take place out there tonight, be ready for colder temperatures overnight. live doppler 7hd, you know we have to show you this, and you can see for yourself, that most of the precipitation has moved to the south of us. we'll go ahead and put it into motion here. and not picking up any activity at all. so we'll give it a rest for at least a day. we may see a little more rain move in as we head into the middle part of the work week. rainfall, the last 24 hours, much of the bay area, about a quarter inch. some locations less than that, such as redwood city, san jose, less than a quarter inch. we had a little over quarter inch, san rafael, napa, and san francisco, that's at bit. half moon bay, .13. right now, 53 in santa rosa, 41 in san francisco. livermore, 48. 49 in san jose. here's a look at the forecast.
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colder overnight tonight. we'll introduce patchy dense fog that could slow down that monday morning commute tomorrow. otherwise, we look for dry and warmer days. monday, tuesday, wednesday, and then we're going to really start to cool things down. the big chill will hit thursday and friday. we'll look at the forecast in just a moment. lows tonight, upper 30s. 40s elsewhere across the bay area, and here the fog cavity. -- fogcast. overnight the fog will develop in protected valley areas. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and that could mean obscured visibility in the valley expwrears by 11:00 this should start to burn off and we should start to see a nice afternoon. this is the low that brought us the rain yesterday as it pushed the south. we actually saw the nice clearing. high pressure will start to build in for monday and tuesday. it will warm us up a few degrees and in fact some locations near 60 tomorrow as well as tuesday, and also bring us plenty of
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sunshine. enjoy it. the clouds will thick 'up by mid-week, here's the highs for monday. 56 for san francisco. east bay, concord, 57. 56, antioch. livermore, 57. you're only in the upper 40s today. so a big difference for you. 59 for san jose. and we'll look for 57 for watsonville. salinas, 58. the accuweather seven-day forecast, i think you're going to like it, the first part of the week. monday, fog, and then afternoon sunshine. tuesday, the warmest day of the work week, with temperatures near the bay in the low 60s. the cooling begins on wednesday, clouds thicken up on thursday, and a put a chance of showers in the north bay and low snow levels so maybe see snow showers thursday night, friday morning, on the higher peaks. friday morning could be another hard freeze, so keep that in mind. over the weekend right now partly cloudy conditions.
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a little warmer, too. >> ama: all right, mike shumann is off. are we really talking about hockey? >> we are. seems like it's been forever. if you joined us at the beginning of the newscast, you know indications are the nhl season has been saved. we'll hear from the commissioner and the sharks, and his last ride has just begun. ray lewis and
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>> while you and i were sleeping the nhl and players association reached tentative terms on a new
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collective bargaining agreement. it happened at 4:40 eastern time this morning after a 16-hour negotiates session. the locker room has been a lonely place. the last saw the entire team together in september at this charity golf outing. the agreement between the league and the union is a ten-year deal with an opt-out clause after eight. here's the commissioner this morning. >> we have reached an agreement on the framework of the new collective bargaining agreement. the details of which need to be put to paper. we've got to dot a lot of is, cross a lot of ts. >> we are veer and ited to be back underway. we have been preparing for a lot of outcomes and we're happy at this outcome. we're relieved to have it over with. >> moving forward. when the season will start remains to be season. you can expect practices to
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begin later this week. as for the schedule, there's talks of being 48 or 50 games in length. nfl playoffs. ravensravens and colts, ducked e inspiration bowl. chuck pagano missed 12 games undergoing leukemia treatment. and the final home game for ray lewis who calls this his last ride with. >> going to miss that. the pregame dance. lewis playing in his final home game, an -- a hug for pagano from -- atlantic coe makes it 17-6. fourth quarter, flacco, man coverage on boldin, and antoine gets it. 24-9. just over 5:00 left. fourth and one. graham, the deflection, williams, the pick.
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luck saves the touchdown but that would seal it. 24-9 baltimore. ravens advance to play denver next saturday. here's ray. >> today was about me giving everything i got and showing people no matter circumstances you may be going through, push through it, and you will encourage somebody. >> you know it. rg iii and the red-hot redskins hosting the seahawks on a win streak. griffin, looking okay. 14-0 washington lead. then seattle locks it up, fourth quarter, trailing by one, marchand lynch enters beast mode with his quarterback leading the way. 21-14. griffin, a lack of mobility on the knee. get 1-z -- gets 105 yards for the game. biggess playoff come back in
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chicago history. 24-14. battle of the birds next sunday, hawks and falcons in atlanta. >> cal, a 53-49 win at colorado. the bears now 12-1, and stanford has the 70-of win at utah. alabama and notre dame meet for the national championship tomorrow. we'll have a preview at 6:00. >> ama: up next we check in on
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>> coming in a half hour, win in the battle over package thieves in the bay area, a vigilant neighbor helped nab a thief and san francisco's program stirring up controversy after taking up space in one neighborhood. join us at 6:00. a lone gray wolf roaming california is getting around. first seen in 2005 2011 and was the first gray wolf spoated in california in 8 'years. scientists think he is looking for a new pack or a meat in the northeastern corner of california. he has traveled more than 3,000 miles. most gray wolves stay within 100 miles of where they were born. >> that does it for us here at 5:00. for leigh glaser and everyone, thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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tonight, hitting hard. we're on the front lines inside emergency rooms across this country. the flu spreading fast and furious tonight. the newest numbers revealing the threat to children this evening. tonight the three things you can do to protect your family. haggling over hagel on the eve of what would be a controversial pick, why one senator is already calling it an in your face choice. desperate search. tonight a rescue effort under way in the cascades mountain following pings from a cellphone after a sky drive gone wrong. and love letters lost and then found. more than 60 years after they wrote one another nearly every day during the war, the couple reading those letters to one another all over again. >> our love letters, how anybody could steal our love letters. >> tonight they tell us how they got those letters back.
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